Occasional local summer field trips are organised for members and the public who can then can see the parish wildlife for themselves. Dawn Chorus events are conducted by members. Beetle Forays and Small Animal events have been held involving children.

Concern had been raised by parish residents about encroachment in past years by farmers on local fen droves, all of which have a total of 25 miles of public footpaths, bridleways or byways. HCS has worked with Cambridgeshire County Council to restore some of these to full legal width, notably Lakes Drove where over half the pathway had been encroached. It has now been returned to its full width.

HCS organises a
Wildlife Room at the annual Blossoms& Bygones event run by the village in May. We include many exhibits portraying the diverse parish wildlife. Competitions for adults and children are run and also activities for children to take part in.