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19th February 2018: A drive around the parish this sunny, milder morning to see what wildlife was about,  produced – SEWAGE WORKS : 12+ Pied Wagtails (no Grey), 1 Kestrel, 2 Yellowhammers. HOGHILL DROVE: - approx 100 Fieldfare, 3 Buzzards and 1 Corn Bunting. DAMBANK: - 12+ Yellowhammers (M +F), 1 Skylark (singing),  1 Heron,  1 Kestrel, 10 Mallard, 2 Gadwell, and flocks of Pigeons and Corvids.  LONG DROVE : – 2 Buzzard (calling),  3 Green Sandpipers, 20+ Goldfinch, Skylarks (singing), up to 1000 Lapwing, 2 Corn Buntings, 1 Kestrel and 12+ Stock Doves .Sheila and Ian D.
16th February 2018: Sad to report - Peter Pilbeam from the Mammal Group has confirmed that the animal seen dead on the side of the Haddenham/Wilburton Road, was an otter. Presumed traffic accident. Sheila D.
10th February 2018: Here is an image of a Jay on one of our feeders taken last week.   Although they have become regular visitors, it is still a shock to see such a large bird after the peanuts. Simon.

7th February 2018: Back Lane up to Fairchilds Field: 1 Female Bullfinch, Great Tit calling, Fieldfare and Starlings mixed, Blackbirds, Long tailed tits, and one Mistlethrush (heard) Sheila and Ian D.
6th February 2018: On the garden feeders this morning: longtailed tits, male and female reed buntings and a redpole - good start for the day. Ian.

4th February 2018: A quick trip along Dam Bank and Long Drove had mixed results. Dam Bank only 25 mute swans but Long Drove had 500+ lapwing (flying), 50 fieldfare, 3 redwing, 1 buzzard, 2 kestrel, small flock of goldfinch, 1 brambling and 9 Roe Deer. Ian.
29th January 2018: Female Great Spotted Woodpecker in our garden on 26th January.  A far less frequent visitor to the feeders than in previous winters. Simon.

27th January 2018: Buzzard on a post near the garden during,RSPB garden bird watch Ian.

23rd January 2018: Strange goings-on in my front and back garden today - two visits from a Goldcrest in my front garden and a Pied Wagtail continues to feed on Emmental on my tiny patio in the back- a first for both!! Denise Chappell
19th January 2018: Had a peregrine fly over the garden this morning, chasing pieons - a good tick for the year. Ian.
18th January 2018: Vic reports 50 plus fieldfares on the recreation ground yesterday. Some out there again this morning but not as many. Sally.
17th January 2018: Aldreth to Earith road.
Total of birds seen along this road today, some so spread out only estimated! Swans(Mute) 50,  Lapwing est.125-150, Goldfinch 20+, Stock Dove 50/52, Gadwell 2, Starling 200+, Fieldfare 300 approx, Pied Wagtail 3 (in drain),  Lapwing 100+, Golden Plover 100+, Kestrel 2, Buzzard 1. Sunny, but cold and windy day. Sheila and Ian D
PS: forgot the 3 Roe Deer!
8th January 2018: Well, couldn’t believe it but have just spotted a male bullfinch feeding on the same honeysuckle berries as the blackcap I saw last year. I can’t ever recall having seen one in my garden before so a real first for me! I have such a tiny garden so could see it just a few feet away through my kitchen/conservatory window, what a joy! Denise Chappell.
8th January 2018: A dead adult Mute Swan at the far end of Dam Bank Drove (just beyond the bridge) appears to be another collision victim.
 The Boot - Green Sandpiper 1, Great Spotted Woodpecker 1 drumming, Yellowhammer 10+, Skylark 10+, Linnet 100+
 Dam Bank Drove - Cormorant 2, Mute Swan 1 adult dead presumably had hit telegraph wires, Corn Bunting 5+
 Long Drove - Little Egret 1, Whooper Swan 2 adults, Mute Swan 59, Corn Bunting 3+. Simon.

4th January 2018: Kingfisher still coming to my garden pond. Male Blackap and Redpoll also. BY.
30th December: MALE BLACKCAP spotted today at 11.45 feeding on honeysuckle berries. Stayed around for a while. So pleased to see one as it has been years and this is the first to be spotted in my tiny garden here in High Street Haddenham!
Happy New Year to you! Denise Chappell
30th December: Winter sunset photo taken by Barbara Grafton from West End and out over the fen.

19th December: A few recent reports from Stepen B:

10-Dec-2017 10:00 - 2 Red Kites were circling over Doghouse Grove, Wilburton.  I saw these from my car as I was driving to work.  I think this is the first time I have seen a Red Kite in the Haddenham/Aldreth/Wilburton area, although I have seen one as close as Milton before.

12-Dec-2017 13:30 - 1 Little Egret flew along the ditch at the bottom of Linden End Field (TL464740).

16-Dec-2017 13:50 - 14:00 - 1 Chiffchaff by the bridge at the bottom end of Aldreth Village (at the start of 'the Boot').  This bird was calling constantly but also quite flighty and hard to get a good view of, but I did eventually get a good view of it as it fed low in the nettles in one of the ditches here.  A beautiful bird!  I feel like other birdwatchers come across Chiffchaffs in the winter more often than I do so I was very pleased to see this.  Grid reference (TL444731)
10th December: Spotted this little guy on our weeping birch this morning.  He wasn’t pecking, just sitting there out of the falling snow.  The snow has formed a canopy in the branches at the top of the tree.  He was obviously hungry though because he jumped down and dug a hole in the snow to get at an ants nest on the lawn, fed for a while and then jumped back again. Not a behaviour I have seen before.  In fact although he is frequently in our front and back gardens and out on Feasts Green, I have never seen him in that tree before. All the best, Alan James

Green Woodpecker sheltering from the falling snow

9th December: First Fieldfare in the garden this year,must be getting cold. Ian.

5th December: Took this through my small telescope,not bad eh? Kestrel juv. Station Road. Haddenham ID.

4th December: A little surprised to see a new bird for my Haddenham Garden this morning; a kingfisher. He successfully caught something in the pond too, so hopefully he might return. Barbara York

4th December: Fungus found on rotting wood in Wendy Lanman's Garden. Oak Pin (Cudoniella acicularis)

26th November: A large flock of five to six hundred fieldfare behind us on College farm.Maybe there is still a lot of berries down there because it’s damp and low lying.Ian.
24th November: Hillrow North Fen. Back Drove. 3 Redwings,8 Yellowhammers, 60-70 Goldfinch, 6 Reed Buntings, 2 Meadow Pipits, Marsh Harrier, Merlin, 2 kestrel. Aldreth Fen 2000 Starlings. Various reports of Hen Harrier ringtail but we didn't see it. PM&ID
24th November: A Mistlethrush  visiting our Sorbus tree (the 'Waxwing' tree), two mornings in a row, but there were two yesterday.  Also one of the local Kestrels paying a regular visit. The Waxwings will have to be quick to feed on the bounty!! Sheila and Ian D.

20th November: Brilliant dawn shots from by the Old West River. Nearby dead Mute Swans killed by flying into power lines. This has been reported and we hope that prevention measures will be installed. SS

19th November: Flatbridge Reservoir - Little Grebe 1 on river, Mute Swan 2 adults dead under wires, Gadwall 27, Mallard c6, Teal 2, Brambling 2, Corn Bunting c10 (1 singing), Roe Deer 3. Long Drove – Mute Swan c20, Whooper Swan c5. Dam Bank Bridge – Kingfisher 1. The Boot – Mallard c150 feeding on stubble with several hundred Woodpigeon, Corn Bunting c16
18th November:
Hillrow Causeway - Another brief visit, a.m. today.  Found c.160 Golden Plovers with c.250 Lapwings just in from the Earith to Haddenham road and bearing in mind the American Golden Plover not long ago spent some time looking them over. Got about two-thirds through them when a Peregrine arrived, made an unsuccessful attempt at a Golden Plover, and scattered everything in all directions...... So no AGP found - but I twice heard, quite clearly, a disyllabic call which sounded about right..... I will say no more than that. Further looks might be worthwhile though, if anybody is in that area. Other birds included 2 Buzzards, 4 Kestrels, a Stonechat and 6 Corn Buntings. Mike Everett

Flatbridge Farm reservoir. - I had a quick look this morning before breakfast.  The highlights were: Coot 22, Gadwall 40, Kingfisher 1, Grey Wagtail 1, Brambling 1 and Roe Deer 3. Simon.
16th November: Nice ringtail Hen Harrier hunting at the Aldreth end of Long Drove late this afternoon. Mike Everett
15th November:
Hinton Farm Reservoir. Wigeon 50,Tufted Duck 10,Pochard male 1, Mallard 150.
Cormorant 1 juv,Common Gull,30.Black-headed Gull 150,Lt Grebe 2,Moorhen 23.
Vipans Farm.
Meadow Pipit 12,Pied Wagtail,12,Yellowhammer 4,Fieldfare 100. PM&ID

13th November: This from Simon. The Hawfinch is a new record basically. The last record was pre 1985. (Paul)

I’ve been doing some migration watching when time has allowed over the past 10 days in the garden and near Nine Acre Wood.  I’ve seen a few Redpoll, Brambling, Siskin and Grey Wagtails going over as well as the usual pipits and thrushes.  Yesterday, morning I had 2 Hawfinch over the garden.  Hopefully, there will be more as they are still being reported around the county.  I also had a large flock of Greenfinch (50+) in Robert Norman’s Orchard. SS
12th November: Here is an image of a Muntjac chewing the cud taken in our garden this afternoon.  So much for our garden being deer-proof! Simon.

9th November: Two more fungi Cloudy Funnel Cap (Clytocibe nebularis) abnormal specimen (according to experienced Mycologist. Nr Feasts Green. photo AJ.  Meadow Puffballs (Vascellum pratense). All 5/11/17 photos AJ. P

9th November: Here is an image of a female Stonechat taken locally on 29th October. Simon.

9th November: Back Drove - 8 Yellowhammers 6 Corn Buntings,2 Pied Wagtails.1 Brambling, Long Drove. 400+ Lapwings,50+/- Pied Wagtails,150+ Common Gulls,12 Skylarks in flock, Dambank 4 Corn Buntings on wires probably means more on ground hard to see. Aldreth near ponds 6 Fieldfare 2 Redwings. PM& (Photo) ID

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